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  • Prep, Junior and Senior levels learn critical thinking and argumentation while acquiring teamwork and cooperation skills.
  • Students will be introduced to Cross Examination Style, Public Forum Style, Lincoln-Douglas, and Parliamentary style debate depending on level.
  • Students are given the opportunity to travel to tournaments thoughout Canada and the U.S. for tournaments.
  • Debate is a great tool to use in order to prepare and apply for universities in Canada and the U.S.
Our Achievements

Japan National Tournament - First Place

Jenny Jung — Con Side Rebuttal Speech

Resolution: On balance, governments should guarentee a universal basic income to all tax paying members of society

Online Debate Tournament

Rose Oh — Open Oratory

Topic: Baseball and Prejudice

Public Speaking

  • Prep, Junior and Senior levels learn a variety of different public speaking styles such as
    • Persuasion
    • Informative
    • Extemporaneous Speaking
    • Impromptu Speaking
    • Retold/Storytelling
    • Dramatic Interpretation
    • Humerous Interpretation
    • Duo Interpretation
    • Original Comedy
    • Original Performance
  • Students learn presentation skills, confidence, writing and critical & analytical thinking in a group setting as well as individually.

United Nations

  • Students will be working to build an understanding of world politics. They will learn the proper procedure used during Model United Nations Conferences, and they will glean an understanding as to how the United Nations solves international relation problems.
  • Model United Nations is an excellent opportunity for students to gain an awareness as to the political atmosphere of other countries, and the current issues which are going on in the world.
Model UN Conferences

Mock Trials

  • Mock Trials is an amazing extracurricular activity that creates a law trial simulation experience for students that are interested in the field of law.
  • Students will learn all of the legal proceedings behind the law system,putting them at a competitive advantage when entering law school.
  • Skill developed include critical thinking, logical reasoning, skillful cross-examination questioning skills,clear communication skills, and strategic planing.
Mock Trial Tournaments

Business Case

  • For those who not necessarily interested in pursuing a career in Business, the course should introduce fundamental concepts that are quite universal in the professional world.
  • The class helps to expose students to real-world business problems,critical-thinking,justifying solutions,ability to identify/prioritize issues, in-depth research skills, and team-working skills.
  • Students will also learn various business tools such as the SWOT analysis chart, Porter's Five Forces, Perception maps, break-even cost analysis, etc.
  • The class can also consist of business presentations to home professional communication skills, including Powerpoint design, answering tricky question and thinking on-feet.
  • A class based on the Harvard MBA-case-based class methodology, where students read through Harvard/Richard Ivey business case and have lively discussions.
  • The goal of the class is to allow students who are interested in business to experience what it's like to be a decision-maker or consultant in a wide range of industries.

National Highschool Business Competition

Ryan Choi, Helen Huang, Hoony Oh, Brian Son, Gloria Yang

Placement: Second Place
Case Topic: SeaWorld


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